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Share this letter with businesses still asking for proof of vaccination in job postings and interviews.

PROBLEM: Hundreds of job postings in communities across British Columbia, and Canada, state the requirement for proof of COVID-19 vaccination to job applicants.

Commonly employers are asking job applicants in interviews whether they are vaccinated or not.

Many people are still not able to work due to the request to provide proof of COVID-19  vaccination.

SOLUTION: Click the button below to download a letter to businesses regarding this issue that can be emailed or printed and hand delivered.

Tips for emailing this letter in an email, as opposed as an attachment:

1) Select all text in PDF

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4) If hyperlinks and web sources aren’t clickable or active anymore in the email, add hyperlinks back in with hyperlink tool in email program (copy & paste each hyperlink using the footnote list of links related to each footnote number).   *At worst the footnote links can be copied and pasted into browser to view each one.

5) Format to your liking and sign.