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Bill 36 Puts ALL BC Healthcare At Risk

The BC Government quickly passed Bill 36 in November 2022. This Bill introduces many changes to our healthcare services, including the collapse of BC Health Professions & Colleges into 6 government-controlled bodies.

Thousands of British Columbians are actively campaigning against this Bill. You can make a difference too.

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View the Bill 36 Packet currently being distributed across BC

Created in collaboration by BC Doctors, Canadian Society for Science and Ethics in Medicine (CSSEM) and Unity Health & Science.

Everyone can share Bill 36 Awareness

Every single interaction is an important opportunity, whether it be door-to-door, at the grocery store, or with friends and family. We can all work to better understand where each person may be at and how to encourage them to hear information in a successful interaction.

Why is Bill 36 Concerning for you?

Enables Government to:

  • Conduct warrantless search and seizure of property of health offices
  • Dictate healthcare services with unprecedented power
  • Demand access to your private clinical records
  • Mandate vaccination with no informed consent
  • Issue fines up to $200,000 and/or imprisonment up to 6 months for ‘misleading information’ not in agreement with government
  • Forced mental health assessments

What does this mean for you?

Staff Shortages
Health providers leaving BC
Less Privacy
Government can seize your health records
Government Control
Of your health care choices and your provider’s services

Bill 36 – 2022: Health Professions and Occupations Act

Look up BC Government contact info below

Please Call, Email & Write the Premier, Minister of Health and MLAs

Click the button below to download a sample letter that you can copy, paste and personalize to send to the Premier and any MLAs.

Take Action Now!

  1. Mail the prepared postcard or your own letter.
    • a.) Patients
      • Mail the prepared patient postcard; this will be delivered to your local MLA
      • Share this Flyer with others.
    • b.) Medical Professionals
      • Mail the prepared patient postcard to your association
      • Ask patients to fill in and mail the patient postcard (offer postage).
  2. Share on Social Media
  3. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper
  4. Help your community by sharing with others.

Key Points to Share in Emails and Phone Calls

  • Repeal Bill 36 immediately
  • Government should consult with the public
  • Legislation should respect our Rights, Freedoms, Bodily Autonomy, and the Rule of Law
  • Participation of Health Professionals is required on all Boards
Contact Adrian Dix, Minister of Health
Email: [email protected]
Constituency Office Phone: 604-660-0314
Contact Office of the Premier
PO BOX 9041 STN Prov. Govt., Victoria, BC V8W 9E1
Phone: 250-387-1715 Email: [email protected]
Constituency Office Phone: 604-660-1297
Email: [email protected]
Contact Service BC, for MLA in your area
Vancouver: 604-660-2421
Victoria: 250-387-6121
Toll Free within Canada and USA: 1-800-663-7867
Online Information & Printable Materials:
Other Ways to Take Action
  • Join the Unity Movement
  • Purchase Unity Merchandise
  • Place decals on business entrance doors and cars in your community
    • Download template: Unity logo
      Size: 4″x4″
      Suggested:  request high-quality UV coated, waterproof, resistant to temperature fluctuations and various conditions so not to tear or fade. Excellent for business entrance windows/doors and vehicle decals.
    • Wristbands: contact us